I wasn’t always a believer!

I didn’t understand how the food I put in my mouth could affect my health … but now I do.

Five years ago, I was told to change my eating habits, to eliminate certain foods that triggered negative responses in my body. I had finally reached a point where I was willing to try anything- so I did. I was informed by a nutritionist that the culprits were most likely gluten and refined sugars, and those were the first ones to eliminate from my diet – whaaat?!. I did it and within two weeks I noticed a difference in my health, my moods and my energy level. Through a trial and error process, I have come to the realization that these two types of foods do not agree with my internal systems and have eliminated them from my diet (as much as I can) permanently.

Who doesn’t love bread, pasta and chocolate? I, like many others out there, have always enjoyed these foods, especially chocolate! Now, I had to find new ways to enjoy my favourite gluten and sugar rich foods. Over the years, and a lot of experimenting, I found many new ways to enjoy the same foods with a few modifications and interesting twists that leave me with no ill effects! I can honestly say that I do still crave bread, pasta and chocolate, but I have found new alternative ways to have them which I enjoy just as much! I would like to share these discoveries with you to help you understand that there are alternatives to keeping trigger foods out of your diets.

Seeing the difference in my health by just changing the foods I ate was fascinating to me. I never even considered that there could be such a strong tie between the two. The more changes I discovered the more I wanted to learn and understand. I finally decided to take this new passion as a sign to go back to school and learn more about this food and whole body relationship. My goal is to be able to assist others to understand that some of our everyday health issues can be improved by making alterations to your daily diet. I am back at school, part time, working towards becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, and am loving every minute.  I can’t wait to share my findings with you!

I hope this site will be a place for you to come find motivating facts and tips about your health.  A go-to for healthy meal and treat recipes that are fun and delicious; and can be included in your meal plan, whether for you or your whole family. A place where you can come to for inspiration and encouragement on your journey to getting healthy and staying healthy – which is the ultimate goal.

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments or suggestions about this site or anything else. Please feel free to leave your comments here or contact me directly.

My running buddy ;)
My running buddy 😉

Join me on this adventure in becoming a healthier, fitter and stronger you! You can do it and you won’t regret it!

With love,

(Health and Food Junkie)