28 Day Ramadhan Challenge

28 Day Ramadhan Challenge

Many of us Muslims will start fasting during or Holy month of Ramadhan that starts next week, but if you are not Muslim or are not fasting, that’s ok – you can still take part in this challenge and get ready for a healthy summer.

All you have to do is remove ANY or ALL of the following items from your diet for the next 28 days. The goal is that you will see how easy it is to not include it in your diet and choose to remove it permanently. None of these items should be in your daily diet, they are all nutrient deficient and are only holding you back on your journey to optimal health.

Ø NO Soda pop of any kind – includes diet and Zero

Ø NO fried or greasy foods – bake them instead

Ø NO refined (white) flour – bread, pastas and baked goods

Ø NO refined sugar (white or brown) – use healthier alternatives instead

I know we all have days when we absolutely crave something, that’s fine, if you have to then give in and have a little cheat (within moderation) the get right back on track.

YOU can do this, YOU are stronger then you think!!

I will be with you the whole time, feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or just for some moral support.

Remember that the only person that you will be competing with is yourself, the rest of us are just here to support, encourage and motivate you.

Message me if you would like to take part in this challenge and join our group.

Start date is Wednesday June 8 – Let’s Do this together.