Hi all,

  1. I thought I would use this space to clear up any issues that may cause questions or concerns to anyone.I am not a professional chef or a dietician.  Any recipes that I share have been made up by me, inspired by others or from others.  Any recipes that are not my own will be clearly stated and the source of the recipe will be named and when able linked.  If you use any of my original recipes (or pictures) I ask that you please share the same courtesy towards me.
  2.  I am not in the medical profession and not a qualified holistic nutritionist (yet).  I just want to share some of the interesting tips and facts with you as I learn them, and maybe share my opinions; all sources used will be shared.  If you do feel that you may have a serious health issue then please consult your doctor.
  3. I am not a certified personal trainer, I am just a fitness advocate and strongly believe that we need to incorporate fitness in our getting healthy journey.  The workouts that I share will be sourced from certified personal trainers that I know and have worked with.
  4. Any pictures labelled “foodfitnesshealth.ig” are my original pictures from my Instagram account which was previously named “foodfitnesshealth.ig”.
  5. I would be thrilled if you wanted to share some of my pictures or recipes, all I ask is that you please give me credit if you do.
  6. All information that you share with me will remain confidential.
  7. Any food or health products that I name in my recipes or posts have been used by me.  I am not receiving any compensation for advertising.

Thanks for reading through this.  If you still have any questions or concerns please contact me and I would be happy to address them

With warm wishes,

Health and Food Junkie