IMG_0331Hi and welcome to the Health and Food Junkie page.

This site is a place for you to visit as you start and stay on your journey to getting healthy.  It’s all about health, food, and understanding the relationship between them. My hope is that you will find this to a great resource, a place to find helpful tips, recipes and inspiration while focusing on the whole you.

Getting healthy and staying healthy requires a holistic approach – focusing on all aspects in the process is the only way you can achieve your desired results.

Food:  We have to eat healthy to get healthy.  You will find ideas and recipes that are healthy, easy and delicious, most of which will be gluten and refined sugar-free (because that’s what I have to restrict in my diet) with the occasional treats – because we all deserve a reward once in a while.

Mind:  I will be sharing interesting facts and tips about our health and its relationship with food; how various foods can cause us distress while others foods can heal.  Having the knowledge and understanding of how your body works is a big step towards long time success.

Body:  I am not a personal trainer but I am a fitness advocate. I believe that it takes both the right foods and physical activity to reach your optimal health. I will be sharing some quick and easy workouts – put together by some of my favourite certified trainers – to help transform the outside of your body along with the inside.

Soul:  Sometimes it’s hard to get up and go.  This site will provide you with that extra motivation and encouragement to continue. I will be sharing some of my favourite quotes that I find help inspire and motivate me on my journey to getting healthy – hopefully they will do the same for you!  I am always here to help cheer you on!

Let’s get started – let’s get healthier together!20151106_162103

With love,


Health and Food Junkie

PS. Don’t you just love my logo? It was created by my daughter, my biggest cheerleader ♥